Now Accepting New Patients

Now Accepting New Patients

In-home & Community-based ABA Therapy in the Greater Cleveland, Medina, & Akron, Ohio Areas

Social Skills Training

At SparkJoy ABA, we are committed to enhancing the lives of children with Autism through our specialized Social Skills Training programs. Led by our team of dedicated Board Certified Behavior Analysts, our comprehensive approach focuses on developing crucial social competencies that are often challenging for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Tailored to meet the unique needs of each child, our evidence-based interventions include targeted strategies to improve social communication, perspective-taking, and reciprocity during social interactions with others. Through structured and engaging activities, we empower our young clients to build meaningful connections, navigate social situations with confidence, and foster lasting friendships. Whether we need to address pre-requisite skills in the comfort of your home or practice social skills in community settings with peers, we are committed to helping your child to develop the key social skills they need. At SparkJoy ABA we believe that fostering social skills is integral to unlocking the full potential of every child we serve, laying the foundation for a more fulfilling and connected future.

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For many families, there are usually undesirable lengthy waits between diagnosis and treatment. We are typically able to start get care started faster than other providers as we aim to expedite the meaningful ABA treatments your child needs by starting our intake process online.

How Can ABA Therapy Help?

Through evidence-backed strategies, ABA therapy enhances children’s capabilities and offers families tools for compassionate understanding. Through ABA therapy children experience marked improvements in behavior and skills, while families gain insight and cohesion.

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