Now Accepting New Patients

Now Accepting New Patients

In-home & Community-based ABA Therapy in the Greater Cleveland, Medina, & Akron, Ohio Areas

Introducing SparkJoy ABA

Where innovation meets compassion in the realm of autism care.

In a world where ordinary has become the norm, we stand as a shining testament to the extraordinary. At SparkJoy, we believe that each child’s journey deserves to be illuminated with the radiance of joy, and that’s exactly what sets us apart.

Our mission is more than just a statement – it’s a promise. We’re here to redefine autism care, ushering in an era of ‘Joyful Beginnings; Limitless Learning’. This isn’t just a tagline; it’s the heartbeat of our approach. With every interaction, every therapy session, and every milestone achieved, we’re crafting a narrative that’s rooted in empowerment, growth, and boundless potential.

Led by a team of dedicated professionals, we don’t just provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services – we infuse them with a spirit that’s rare and transformative. Our philosophy transcends the ordinary, as we teach not from a clinical standpoint, but from the heart. We’ve reimagined therapy as a journey of joy, where progress is interwoven with positivity, and breakthroughs are celebrated with the same enthusiasm as the very first step taken.

At SparkJoy ABA, we’re cultivating an environment where children with autism thrive and flourish. With us, every day is a canvas for potential, every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and every smile is a testament to the power of joy.

Join us in embracing a new vision for autism care. Welcome to SparkJoy ABA, where the spark of joy ignites the path to limitless learning and boundless possibilities.


Our Philosophy

At SparkJoy ABA, we believe in teaching from a place of joy. Our approach is a compassionate, trauma-assumed treatment, prioritizing safety and positive relationships. We respectfully introduce new skills and challenges, fostering growth in every child we work with by seeking their assent throughout the treatment process.

Our Mission 

To redefine autism care in our community by providing evidence-based and effective Applied Behavior Analysis treatments that are safe and compassionate while prioritizing individual needs, always building trust from a foundation of joy.

Get Started Today

For many families, there are usually undesirable lengthy waits between diagnosis and treatment. We are typically able to start get care started faster than other providers as we aim to expedite the meaningful ABA treatments your child needs by starting our intake process online.