Now Accepting New Patients

Now Accepting New Patients

In-home & Community-based ABA Therapy in the Greater Cleveland, Medina, & Akron, Ohio Areas

Functional Communcation Training

At SparkJoy ABA, we are dedicated to fostering meaningful communication breakthroughs for children with Autism through our specialized Functional Communication Training (FCT) programs. FCT is a cornerstone of our personalized ABA programs, designed to enhance communication skills and reduce challenging behaviors. By identifying the unique communication needs of each child, our experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts develop targeted strategies to replace problem behaviors with effective, functional communication. FCT is a research-backed approach that also goes beyond behavior reduction; it focuses on equipping children with the necessary skills to express themselves effectively. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts work closely with each child, identifying their unique communication challenges and tailoring intervention plans accordingly. FCT may involve teaching alternative communication methods, such as gestures, sign language, or picture exchange systems, for learners who are non-vocal, to replace challenging behaviors. By systematically reinforcing and shaping these positive communication skills, we empower our young clients to navigate social interactions more successfully, with appropriate communication instead of challenging behavior. This works to foster greater independence and enriching their overall quality of life.



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For many families, there are usually undesirable lengthy waits between diagnosis and treatment. We are typically able to start get care started faster than other providers as we aim to expedite the meaningful ABA treatments your child needs by starting our intake process online.

How Can ABA Therapy Help?

Through evidence-backed strategies, ABA therapy enhances children’s capabilities and offers families tools for compassionate understanding. Through ABA therapy children experience marked improvements in behavior and skills, while families gain insight and cohesion.

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