Now Accepting New Patients

Now Accepting New Patients

In-home & Community-based ABA Therapy in the Greater Cleveland, Medina, & Akron, Ohio Areas

Welcome to SparkJoy ABA

Doing what is right, even when it’s different.

We understand families have a choice in providers. SparkJoy ABA is both locally and BCBA owned and operated. In the world of therapy providers, where private equity and megacorporations drive treatment decisions, our goal is to be different. We aim to always offer the highest quality of services that are truly individualized to meet your child’s unique needs.

Our Services

Joyful Beginnings; Limitless Learning; Autism Care Redefined

SparkJoy ABA redefines ABA Therapy Services, designing holistic programs embedded in your child’s natural settings. Our compassionate team focuses on home-based and community based sessions to cultivate learning and growth.


Evaluating behavioral needs and skills for personalized therapy planning.

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Functional Communcation Training

Teaches alternative communication methods to replace challenging behaviors.

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Social Skills Training

Develops interpersonal skills necessary for social interaction.

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Adaptive Skills Training

Enhances skills for daily living and independence.

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Functional Behavior Assessment

Identifies reasons behind challenging behaviors to inform treatment.

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Behavior Consulting

Collaborate with our team on strategies for specific behavioral challenges

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Parent/ Caregiver Training

Equipping families with tools for nurturing growth at home.

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Professional Development / Staff Training

Enhancing ABA knowledge and skills among professionals.

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Feeding Programs

Crafting mealtime strategies for happy, healthy eating.

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Toileting / Potty Training

Transforming toileting challenges into milestones of independence.

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Get Started Today

For many families, there are usually undesirable lengthy waits between diagnosis and treatment. We are typically able to start get care started faster than other providers as we aim to expedite the meaningful ABA treatments your child needs by starting our intake process online.

How Can ABA Therapy Help?

Through evidence-backed strategies, ABA therapy enhances children’s capabilities and offers families tools for compassionate understanding. Through ABA therapy children experience marked improvements in behavior and skills, while families gain insight and cohesion.

Adaptive Skills

Daily Living Skills

Cognitive Skills

Academic Skills


Parent & Caregiver Training


Communication Skills

Socialization Skills

Play & Leisure Skills

Generalization of Skills

Employment Skills

Community Participation

Family Relationships


Emotional Regulation

Aggression & Self Injury

Reduction of Maladaptive Behaviors

Independence and Self Help Skills

Transition & Routine Management

Stress Management

Safety Skills